The Brief Introduction of Lost Wax Casting Process

Lost wax casting process is a very important part in the production process of investment casting. Under the function of high pressure steam, wax mold and the shell expand with heat. The coefficient of expansion of wax farout weighs the shell material, and it generates the force on the shell. Too much force will make the shell crack down. A research shows that 90%cracks comes from the lost wax casting process. And these cracks occurred on the interface of wax and shell. Lost wax casting process is a complex process of thermal physical change. Under the thermal effect of high pressure steam, the shell is forced by its heat expansion, high pressure steam pressure, wax pattern expansion power.

The rate of pressure rise, dwell time and unloading speed during the process of lost wax casting process are concerned with intact shell cavity. In addition, the wax models, types of shell materials and complex shell structure also affect the out process of wax models and the stress state of the shell. The above high thermal physical change take place in closed steam kettle with high pressure which is not easy for direct observation.

Lost wax casting process process is a complex process for thermodynamic coupling. Through dewaxing process detection system, it can help toverify the mathematical analysis and the corresponding thermal physical property parameters.

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