The Contrast of Lost Foam Metal Casting in Domestic and Overseas

The technology of lost foam metal casting is developing very fast, but our country still has a certain gap than the developed country. Our country has huge market, and we believe that we will have many factory can produce products with this advanced technological process.

lost foam metal castingFrom the products that our domestic factory produces, compared with developed country, the shape and variety is similar, but the complexity and quality level gap is still large. The yield of lost foam metal casting in our country is low, and most enterprises is still in a certain condition that accumulate the technology. The method of lost foam metal casting don’t key the precision instruments of the market, such as the cylinder block and cylinder head and so on.

We admit that our gap is a little large, but our success is that we can use the application enough. Now, we have realized that the single complex piece of large and medium-size casting should keep synchronous development with the mass production of little casting. Sometimes, we should pay attention to the scientific research about this technology.

At present, our home has large demand for the products which produce with the lost foam metal casting. We should grasp the opportunity to expand the production capacity. We should not only pay eye on our quantity but also our quality. Only then can the technology of lost foam metal casting serve you.

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