The Influencing Factors of Lost Foam Supplies

Lost foam casting is a casting process gradually developed later in the 1980s. it is a kind of new casting technology with less pollution and more precision. Lost foam casting is different from other casting process. So the influencing factors on the quality of the lost foam supplies are different.

lost foamBecause the shape casting is a kind of essential consumable in the lost foam supplies during the casting process , every production will consume a shape casting. So the shape is a key to the success for the lost foam casting. Without high-quality shape castings, it is impossible to produce high-quality castings. Although there are many factors affecting the quality of mold casting, it is generally believed shape factors accounted for 50%. Apparently, the influence of foam plastic shape on casting quality is a critical part among the lost foam supplies.

Of course, people are looking for new materials far more than these shape materials. But to develop a new kind of material for lost foam supplies, first of all, it should be easy to find and the manufacturing cost cannot be too high. The second key point is that it should be easy to processing into mold and meet with the requirement of lost foam casting. Otherwise it is difficult to enter into the market operation.

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