The Introduction of Styrofoam Casting

styrofoam castingStyrofoam casting is also called “gasification molding” , “polystyrene foam plastic casting” and so on. The essence of this casting method is using polystyrene foam instead of ordinary mold. When the mold is built completely, people can directly pour the metal liquid not take out the mold. Under the action of hot, the foam plastic pattern is gasified, burned until disappear. The metal liquid occupied the space of foam plastic and the mold that people need is obtained. This process is styrofoam casting. There are some advantages of styrofoam casting:

1.Flexible design. This method can provide sufficient degrees of design. People can design complex casting structure by the foam plastic pieces.

2.Reduce the investment and production cost. The factory can save the cost by mass production.

3.Don’t have the traditional sand core. So won’t appear the situation that the casting wall thickness is not uniformity. This is caused by that the sand core size or the core position is not accurate.

4.The casting has high accuracy. Styrofoam casting is the technological process which is precise forming, and don’t need take mold, sand core. So reduce the error caused by building the mold.

5.The process of production is clean. There ii not exist any toxicity or hazard material and air. It is good for our environment regardless of work or live.

The styrofoam casting is improved and overcome some shortcomings which original casting is the advanced casting.