The Design of Centrifugal Casting

centrifugal castingUnder the condition of vertical centrifugal casting, due to the large outer diameter, the large casting parts of worm gear ring can easily demould after cooling contraction. So when designing the type cylinder, it is not necessary to make draft angle of demoulding in the inner circle of type cylinder.

The determination of type wall thickness is also a key point.There is general request of data for horizontal centrifugal casting mold. In total quality of horizontal casting,the sum quality of the base plate and cover plate accounts for a smaller proportion (generally in 10% ~ 15%). And in vertical centrifugal casting, the sum quality of the base plate and cover plate accounts for a larger proportion (generally in 45% ~ 60%). As a result, the regenerative ability of base plate and cover plate need to be addressed.

It is noteworthy that the type of cylinder part can fully absorb the heat emitted by castings and the temperature is relatively uniform. However, those parts of base plate and cover plate which near the casting absorb more quantity of heat. So the temperature is higher. while the temperature of parts far away from the casting is relatively low.

In addition, during the process of centrifugal casting, the centrifuge chassis and the flower shape above the cover plate will also absorb a small portion of the heat.

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