The Development of Lost Foam Casting Supplies in Our Country

Though lost foam casting started earlier in China, its progress has been slow. Until the early 1990s, it has carried out some research work. But the research about lost foam casting supplies was a blank at that time. Casting factories basically took use of ordinary EPS packaging materials or imported some expensive special lost EPS raw materials. This situation seriously restricts the development of lost foam casting technology in China. In order to change the backward condition on lost foam casting supplies and casting production in China, in the late 90s we began to research new materials for lost foam casting supplies.

Reviewing these ten years of history, the research work about lost foam casting supplies has roughly experienced the following two phases: The first phase, the initial stage goal is to develop new materials EPMMA, but synthetic EPMMA beads have a lot of problems in the application. Beads of pretest and shape are difficult, and in the process of pouring shape,gas is easy to jet. With small demand of the EPMMA, research work cannot proceed.

The second stage is about copolymer resin research of STMMA. After several years of efforts, a series of technical challenges have been overcome. In three years we complete the test to trial production and application research, then gradually we put the new products into the market at home and abroad.

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