The Introduction of Stainless Steel Casting

Stainless steel casting is the steel that directly casting forming after smelting without forged. Engineering, some complicated structure and huge comprehensive mechanical large parts are difficult to use forging method, so the stainless steel casting is the best choice. Considering the requirement of casting performance, welding performance and machinability, the carbon mass fraction is WC=0.15%-0.60%. In order to improve the ability, we can undertake heat treatment (annealing, normalizing, small steel quenching and tempering). The stainless steel casting which we used commonly is two type: carbon cast steel and low alloy cast steel.

stainless steel casting (1)

Stainless steel casting has some advantages:

1.Stainless steel casting is less restricted by size, shape and weight. Piece weight can range from a few grams to hundreds of tons, and it is easy forming the complicated structure which other method is difficult to process.

2.Stainless steel casting can reduce the mechanical cutting, improve the utilization rate of metal,

3.Can make the alloy steel easy to form the mold which we want it to be.

4.Stainless steel casting don’t have the shortcoming which general forging steel has. Such as the longitudinal capacity has big difference with the latitude performance.

5.The price is cheap

6.Mechanical property is obviously good than iron casting

7.All parts of casting can be designed uniformity, and can resist deformation.

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