Lost Foam Process Applied in Foundry Industry

In foundry industry area, there are many casting methods. Lost foam process is a advanced way to use in foundry industry manufacturing. Many metals we can cast using lost foam process. Like we can cast steels, we can cast irons, we can cast aluminium, we can cast copper. Many other alloys we also can cast. We can cast with a satisfying size.

lost foam process (1)

With lost foam process, we use foam as different size pattern. We not use wax for casting. Using this casting method can make casting process more easier compared to using the wax pattern casting method. Coz in wax pattern casting we have to melt the wax first.

In lost foam process, we coat ceramic onto the foam cluster. Using the ceramic material as coating clothes can improve the permeability. We call this coating process refractory process. After this refractory process, there will be a separating layer formed between the sand and the foam so that they will not affect each other. Permeability control is very important in the lost foam process process. Coz while the foam pattern is vaporizing, there will be lots gas created. So the gas can go through the sand by the ceramic coating.