The Most Influential Sand Casting Companies of 2024

As of 2024, several influential companies are leading the way in the field of sand casting, both in the USA and globally. In the United States, notable companies include:

  1. Willman Industries, Inc. – Specializing in various types of grey iron and ductile iron castings, they offer green sand castings and are known for their capacity to produce from prototype volumes to over 10,000 units per year.
  2. MES, Inc. – This Ohio-based manufacturer offers custom die-cast metal parts in materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper, along with investment casting for various other materials.
  3. DyCast Specialties Corporation – Based in Minnesota, they specialize in high-pressure die casting, particularly in aluminum, due to its advantageous properties.
  4. Plymouth Foundry, Inc. – Operating out of Indiana, this company is known for its iron casting foundry services, offering various services like CNC machining and rapid prototyping.
  5. Gamma Foundries (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada): Founded in 1959, Gamma Foundries specializes in non-ferrous sand-casting, focusing on lead-free, pressure-tight, and various alloy castings. They are among Canada’s largest non-ferrous foundries.
  6. Bremer Manufacturing (Elkhart Lake, WI, USA): Operating since 1937, Bremer Manufacturing is known for its custom aluminum sand casting, primarily for diesel engine manufacturers and metalworking companies in North America and overseas. They specialize in highly cored castings ranging from an ounce to 125 pounds.
  7. Stainless Steel Foundry and Engineering, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI, USA): Established in 1946, this company is a custom manufacturer of sand and investment castings in a wide array of materials including stainless steel and various alloys. They offer comprehensive services, from casting to final part cleaning and inspection.
  8. Patriot Foundry & Castings (USA): Since 1984, they have specialized in high-quality nonferrous sand castings using aluminum, bronze, and zinc-based alloys. They handle both small and large parts, offering a range of services from pattern design to finishing.
  9. Carondelet Sand Casting Company – MetalTek (Pevely, MO, USA): This company offers extensive capabilities in sand casting, including a range of alloys and specialized testing. Their services include design, molding, and an array of fabrication and heat treatment options.
  10. PumpWorks Castings (Lufkin, TX, USA): Known for their conventional sand mold casting, they use advanced techniques to accommodate a variety of molten materials, ensuring high-quality standards. They offer services for almost any production scale, with a robust quality assurance process.

Globally, some of the top companies in sand casting include:

ZHY Casting

China Leading Engineer Team. 20+ Years' Experience of Casting Manufacture!

  1. ZHY Casting. – Headquartered in Luoyang, China, they are a leading manufacturer of castings and machined components for various industries, capable of both low and high-volume castings.
  2. Gamma Foundries – Located in Ontario, Canada, this foundry specializes in non-ferrous sand-casting, particularly in aluminum, copper, and stainless steel metals.
  3. Bremer Manufacturing – This Wisconsin-based company focuses on custom aluminum sand casting, producing highly cored castings.
  4. Stainless Steel Foundry and Engineering, Inc. – Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they offer both sand and investment castings in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and specialty alloys.

These companies are distinguished by their extensive experience, diverse material capabilities, and the range of industries they serve. From aerospace to automotive and medical industries, they provide critical components with a focus on quality and innovation​.

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