The Performance of Nodular Iron Casting and Its Application

Carbon can make up nodular graphite through nodulizing and inoculation . the mechanical properties , especially ductility and toughness , of iron casting has been improved availably . Thus , nodular iron casting has got higher strength than carbon steel.

nodular iron casting (1)Nodular iron casting is a kind of high strength iron casting that has developed from twentieth century 50 . It has successfully used to produce some complex stress and the requirement of strength ,toughness and abrasive resistance high parts because its comprehensive performance close to steel .Nodular iron casting has been one of the most wide application iron casting and iit is next only to gray iron casting.

Nodular iron casting has been applied in nearly all of primary industrial sectors . nodular iron casting has many kinds of grade to satisfied with different service conditions ,provide a broad range of mechanical property and physical property.

The corrosion resistance , antioxidant activity and electromagnetic properties are also important besides of strength , toughness , etc . Austenitic nodular iron casting (Ni-Resis ductile iron casting ) has been developed to content these special use.

Mainly used for various kinds bent axle , cam shaft , connecting shaft , connecting rod , toothed gear , clutch disc , hydraulic cylinder of power machine.

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