The Performance of Vermicular Graphite Iron Casting and Its Application

vermicular graphite ironNormally , vermicular graphite iron casting is made of the vermiculizer (Mg or rare earth ) is added in before casting , hard set later . So far , the findings at home and abroad unanimous indicate that rare earth is the dominant element to produce vermicular graphite iron casting .
The mechanical property of vermicular graphite iron casting between gray iron casting and nodular iron casting . The casting character , cushioning and chermal conductivity are better than nodular iron casting , close to gray iron casting.

Due to vermicular graphite iron casting combines advantages of nodular iron casting and gray iron casting , it has distinctive application . Vermicular graphite iron casting has a favorable effect in used at steel mold , automobile engine , exhaust pipe , glass mold , cylinder head of diesel engine , brake parts , etc.

Vermicular graphite iron casting has favorable combination property , good mechanical property , higher strength at high temperature , compact structure and other characters , entity whose type or anticipates , it can displace a part of high grade gray iron casting , nodular iron casting and malleable iron casting , the good technology and economy effect will be acquired.

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