Cast Ductile Iron With Mature Technology

Iron casting can divided into many different form. Because we can add many kinds of different alloys to add different properties on it. Cast ductile iron finished products is commonly used in steel industry. In cast ductile iron pieces, the graphite exist as spheroid form rather than flask form.

We can make many different dimension size and thickness works by using ductile cast iron. Because the cast ductile iron finished products have a good flexibility property. With a widely chosen flexibility value cast ductile iron, we can make works pieces very easily. Generally during the cast ductile iron process, we add the magnesium into the cast iron melting compound to make the cast iron become ductile form iron casting. We also add cerium alloy into the compound to increase the finished ductile cast iron toughness property.

In heavy machine manufacturing territory, we also can use cast ductile iron pieces as raw material. We can add different kind of alloys into the cast ductile iron melting compound. So that we can add more strength into the ductile cast iron. With the high strength special alloy element formed cast ductile iron, we can make heavy manufacturing machine as we need.

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