The system design of visualization and digitalization for the complete equipment of iron mold sand casting

Based on the combination of PLC and configuration software, the data or signals collected in the production process of iron mold sand casting are fed back to the PLC output control system module through human-computer interface configuration software calculation, data analysis and production process program optimization, and the PLC control system is executed according to the data processing results. The configuration software monitors and records the data executed by the PLC control system, and feeds back to the PLC control system at any time if the monitoring data is abnormal. At the same time, the human-computer interaction interface also feeds back the operation status and vividly represents the device application scenario.

The overall architecture design is divided into user access layer, communication layer, PLC module layer, and field layer of complete equipment for iron mold sand casting. The PLC module layer collects digital signals and casting process data in real time through equipment sensors and equipment instruments, and the data and signals are analyzed and processed for equipment action logic control on the one hand; On the one hand, it is shared to the human-computer interface in real time through the communication layer. The human-computer interface accesses the data and signals collected by the PLC module, and saves the data and signals. The PLC module control parameters are input by the human-computer interface or provided by the production process plan designed by the human-computer interface. Enterprise managers monitor process data and equipment signals through man-machine interface, industrial computer and remote control system, call equipment historical data, manage and analyze data, and hardware system architecture.