The Types of Aluminiun Foundry And its Performance

Aluminiun foundry is a type of alloy from that molten aluminiun alloy or molten aluminiun is poured into cavity through technical mould or homologous workmanship , then cooled , the aluminiun foundry required has been casted.

The raw material is called by aluminiun alloy casting .However , end product constantly carry with some kinds of deficiencies ,as slag , air hole , shrinkage porosity and flaw . We can adjust the equipments or add some additive to improve the situation .

aluminiun foundry (1)

According to the difference of main alloy elements has four kinds of aluminiun foundry , they are alar: this kind of alloy is widely used in manufacturing piston and other parts ; aluminiun copper alloy : is most mainly used to produce sand castings of simple shape that can stand heavy dynamic and static load , aluminiun-magnesium alloy : can be used to manufacture the pedestal of radar , the engine case of airplane , screw propeller and other parts; aluminiun-zinc alloy :is often used manufacture model , template and equipment support , etc.

Normally , aluminiun foundry can be manufactured through sand casting , pressure casting , low pressure die casting , precision casting , permanent mold casting and other methods.

Aluminiun foundry is one kind of most widely used nonferrous metal . It has been widely used in aviation , aerospace , automotive , machinery manufacturing , ship and in the chemical indust.