The Types of Foundry Steel And its Performance

Foundry steel is a kind of alloy that of iron and carbon as the main elements , the content of carbon is from 0 to 2%. Foundry steel can be classified into three categories : carbon foundry steel , low alloy foundry steel , special foundry steel.

Carbon foundry steel : carbon as the main elements , in addition has s small amount of other elements .It has higher strength , plasticity and toughness ,also ,moreover , cheaply.

Low alloy foundry steel : contain other alloy elements like manganese , chromium and copper .The aggregate of alloy elements less than 5% generally. Part can be improved service life.

Special foundry steel : this kind of alloy foundry steel is refined for special features, it has many types for different position. Special foundry steel usually has one kind or more high content alloy elements to achieve some kinds of special perdormance. This kind of foundry steel is used for specially extreme work environment.

The advantages of foundry steel are as follows : greater design flexibility , the strongest flexibility and variability of metallurgical manufacturing , improve the overall structural strength , the weight of a large range of variation.