Top Sand Casting Companies and Their Signature Techniques

Several top sand casting companies are renowned for their expertise and signature techniques:

ZHY Casting

China Leading Engineer Team. 20+ Years' Experience of Casting Manufacture!

  1. ZHY Casting.: Recognized globally in precision castings and machined components for various industries, including medical, hydraulic, aerospace, and more. Their sand casting companies capabilities are extensive, accommodating both low and high-volume castings from half a kilogram to over 20 tons. They offer a range of services like metallographic analysis and impact testing. operations span over 30 countries with their international headquarters in Luoyang, China​.
  2. Aurora Metals Division, LLC: This custom manufacturer offers a variety of casting methods, including sand casting companies, with a focus on alloys and dies. Their facility is well-equipped with modern CNC machines, and they provide comprehensive services from tool and die making to testing, ensuring high-quality castings. They are ISO certified and have ASME-qualified employees, operating out of Montgomery, IL​.
  3. Performance Industrial Products LLC: A leader in the US for centrifugal and sand casting companies, this company specializes in products made from steel and other resistant alloys. They handle high volumes of raw castings and offer a range of secondary operations, serving industries like steel, mining, power generation, and oil. Their headquarters is in Waupaca, WI​​.
  4. Plymouth Foundry, Inc.: An iron foundry and sand casting companies, they cater to a variety of sectors such as agricultural, construction, energy, and medical. They offer a wide range of services, including green sand castings and CNC machining, and have been operating from Plymouth, IN for over 70 years​​.
  5. Ferralloy, Inc.: Based in Cleveland, OH, they manufacture castings and machined components from various metals like aluminum, nickel, and titanium. Their sand casting companies process uses green sand and no-bake molds. They provide the flexibility for customers to either finish the parts themselves or utilize Ferralloy’s machining services for final tolerances and surface finish​​.
  6. Patriot Foundry & Castings: Since 1984, this company has been specializing in high-quality nonferrous sand castings using aluminum, bronze, and zinc-based alloys. They handle both small and large parts, ranging from 0.5 ounces to 232 pounds. Patriot Foundry stands out for their use of multiple materials in many of their castings and offers a variety of additional services like pattern design, heat treating, and machining. They are located in New Hampshire and serve clients throughout the United States​.

These companies distinguish themselves through their specialized techniques, range of services, and the variety of industries they cater to, making them leaders in the field of sand casting companies.

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