Wear mechanism and performance requirements of lining plate of cone crusher

The moving cone liner (crushing wall) and the fixed cone liner (rolling mortar wall) are the main working parts and consuming parts of the cone crusher. Figures 1 and 2 are the working schematic diagram of the cone crusher and the physical drawings of the moving and fixed cone liner respectively. When the cone crusher works, the fixed cone liner is fixed on the outer ring of the crusher, and the moving cone liner vibrates driven by the motor, so the moving cone and fixed cone are also named.

The moving cone liner interacts with the fixed cone liner to squeeze and crush the ore. different types of fine cone crushers can generally process the ore with the size of 35-235mm to 3-38mm, and the processing capacity ranges from 28-748t / h. Different types of medium-sized cone crushers can crush 65-284mm ore to 5-51mm, and the processing capacity is between 37-1028t / h.

Moving cone Fixed cone

In the ore breaking stage of the mining industry, the cone crusher undoubtedly has a strong processing capacity. Due to the working conditions of cone crusher, the surface of cone liner must bear high radial extrusion force and circumferential shear force, so the liner consumption speed of cone crusher is also very fast.

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