What is Steel Casting

Steel casting is an alloy of iron, carbon as the main elements and the carbon content of 0-2%. Steel casting is divided into carbon steel casting, low alloy steel casting and special steel casting .Steel casting is the most widely used stainless steel which has the following advantages:

steel casting1. The design of the greater flexibility

2. Flexibility and variability of metallurgical manufacturing

3. The strongest increase overall structure strength

4. A wide range of weight changing.

Compared with forged steel parts, the mechanical properties of steel casting in all directions were similar, dominant than forged steel parts. Designers must consider the properties of the material in three directions in the design processing of a number of high-tech products, so it highlights the advantages of the casting. Without considering the weight, volume, and the amount of time by the system , it is easy to make steel castings of complex shapes and non- stress concentrating member. Compared with iron casting and other alloy castings, steel castings can be used for all kinds of working conditions, and the mechanical properties superior to other alloy castings. When we need high tensile strength or dynamic load components, important pressure vessel casting and bear the heavy load of the core components at low or high temperature, in principle, we should use steel casting. Steel casting, however, the vibration absorption, abrasion resistance and mobility not as good as iron casting, moreover, it’s costing is higher than iron casting.

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