The Special Steel Foundry

Steel foundry is widely used in today modern industries. If we need shock resistant casting products, between the iron casting and steel casting, the steel foundry has more advantages. It finished pieces has many much more good properties. There are many kind of steel foundry products. Like heat resistant steel foundry works, corrosion resistant steel foundry, high tensile strength steel foundry. Based on different industrial need, we have a wide range selection of foundry products.

Steel foundry works are adopted in many industries that need more strength and shock resistant property. Also we use the different steel to make steel foundry finished products. Based on the different content of alloy, it can be divided into two types: high alloy steel foundry product and low alloy steel foundry product. Different industry need different type of steel foundry works. We can make many kinds of steel foundry parts with many kinds of size and shape.

We manufacture special steel foundry finished products by mixing special alloy into casting mixing compound. So that we can get special steel foundry with strong strength, fire retard property. In building material manufacturing, we widely adopt many kinds of steel foundry works due to their such good properties.

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