Development process of lost foam casting in China

(1) Development history of LFC casting in China

Compared with other casting methods, the research of magnetic mold molding in China began earlier. In 1970, China carried out basic experiments on the magnetic mold method, and then formulated the process scheme. As China’s research on magnetic mold molding is relatively mature, magnetic casting has been applied in China. In 1975, a college in Shanghai used this method to produce seedling chain collar. In 1979, stainless steel castings were successfully poured in China, and the first lost foam casting production line was also put into trial production in China in 1981. With China’s increasing investment in the research of LFC method, its development in China is getting better and better, and it has been more and more widely used. By 2001, the number of castings produced by magnetic molding in China had reached a new peak.

(2) Development history of V-process casting in China

China’s research on V-method Casting modeling began in 1974. At that time, the institutions involved in the research included foundry factories, some colleges and universities, and some scientific research institutions, and their research on this technology has achieved certain results. Subsequently, some factories in China successfully produced cast iron bathtubs, mainly due to the introduction of a complete set of V-process production lines in Japan. With the rapid development of this casting technology in China, bathtubs and forklift counterweights have been produced in China. Among them, the main manufacturers are Hefei Casting and forging factory and some casting and forging factories in Shanghai. Therefore, China’s research on V method has reached a new climax.

(3) Lost foam shell casting in China

For China’s lost foam shell casting method, Professor Liu Yuman has to be mentioned. Among many scholars who study lost foam casting, his achievements can be said to be representative. He mainly innovated on the types of coatings in the lost foam casting process, adopted a new type of coating, and studied a new combustion and roasting process on this basis, so as to invent two new empty shell casting methods: combustion and roasting. Professor Liu Yuman’s new casting method is even better than the foreign replicate CS shell casting method. To sum up, China’s research on lost foam casting technology is not mature and can be said to be in the initial research stage, but this technology plays an increasingly important role in modern industrial application, so we need to make further research on it, so that China can be in the ranks of advanced level in this field.