Brief Introduction of Sand Casting Foundry

Sand casting foundry is a casting form which has been widely used. It is easy for us to tell that sand-type foundry aims at manufacturing casting mould by sand.

We need to put the ready-made part models inside of the sand when sand casting foundry. And then, fill sand around the model so that the casting mould will be produced. If the model have to be took out of the sand before the metal is poured, then we need to make the casting mould into two or more separated parts. For this reason, the casting sand has to be modified and redesigned so that there will be some holes on it leading to the center of the model which will help the liquid metal flow inside of casting model through the little holes when pouring. Sand casting foundry need a very comfortable and appropriate time. The first batch of sand casting foundry is widely used in making large size parts in the processing factories.

Besides, Sand casting is also widely used in iron casting, bronze casting, brass casting and aluminum casting. Green sand mold casting is another sand casting workmanship which is very cheap also flexible in size. We may produce this kind of parts in various sizes by green sand casting foundry.

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