Lost foam casting of flywheel housing

Compared with traditional sand casting, lost foam casting has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, good repeatability and good internal quality. The defects caused by mold taking and box closing in sand casting are eliminated, but with the gasification of foam and the flow and solidification of liquid metal, some defects will also occur in the casting. Taking the defects such as box lifting and iron clamping in the production of 140 flywheel housing as an example, the causes of the defects related to lost foam casting and the improvement measures are introduced.

The new products of lost foam casting need to be improved from the development to the mature mass production of the process. 140 flywheel housing has been optimized by the process, increased film covering, adjusted the spacing of the flywheel housing and other measures, finally reducing the rejection rate from 20% to 1.2%, and the lost foam casting has been steadily mass produced.

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