Manufacture of new tooling for sand casting

The standard block tooling material includes a common carbon steel plate with a thickness of 10 mm, a height of 500 mm, which matches the height of the sand box, and a width of 800 mm/1000 mm. 20 mm × The 20 mm steel bar 2000 mm is used as the reinforcement tooling for the rib plate. The outer diameter is 50 mm, the inner diameter is 40 mm, and the steel pipe is 420 mm, which is used as the interconnection device. Upper opening φ The 80mm lifting round hole is convenient for the crane to transport. The production quantity depends on the size of the internal and external sand filling space during the sand casting of the product.

use φ The pin is made of 30 mm solid round steel for connection between standard blocks, as shown in Figure 1.

The key point of standard block tooling is that it can assemble and splice any shape and specification according to actual production needs. Taking regular hexagon as an example, the connection mode between standard block tooling, pins and standard block tooling is shown in Figure 2. The number and shape of connections can be adjusted according to actual needs.