Output distribution of China steel casting parts

China’s steel casting parts are indispensable products for China’s equipment manufacturing, the basis of national equipment manufacturing, and occupy a very important position in the machinery manufacturing industry. The quality and development level of China’s steel casting parts is one of the important symbols to measure a country’s comprehensive national strength.

Although the production capacity of steel casting parts in China is increasing, it is unevenly distributed throughout the country. According to the statistical data in 2015, the largest steel casting output in China is in East China, with the output of steel casting parts reaching 1.886 million tons, accounting for 36.98% of the output of steel casting parts in China, ranking first in the output of steel casting parts in China, followed by central China, The output of steel casting parts reached 1.4387 million tons, accounting for 28.21% of the output of steel casting parts in China. The output of steel casting parts in Northeast and southwest regions were 666600 tons and 409500 tons respectively, accounting for 13.07% and 8.03% of the output of steel casting parts in China. South China and North China are 356500 tons and 196900 tons, accounting for 6.99% and 3.86% respectively. The region with the lowest production capacity of steel casting parts in China is the northwest region. The output of steel casting parts is only 145400 tons, accounting for 2.85% of the output of steel casting parts in China.

Although China has made gratifying achievements in the production of steel casting parts, there is still a gap compared with foreign developed countries. In the face of fierce foreign market competition, vigorously promote the quality and brand construction of Chinese steel casting parts, reduce the scrap rate, reduce material and energy consumption, actively promote the application of near net casting technology, and integrate rapid prototype manufacturing technology, computer application technology and near net casting technology; Accelerate the research and development of new materials and processes and the use of advanced smelting processes and equipment, molding processes and equipment, and improve the quality, performance and safety of Chinese steel casting parts; Carry out technical integration and innovation of comprehensive environmental treatment and comprehensive utilization of waste residue, improve the construction level of existing foundry industry clusters (parks), and build characteristic foundry industry clusters (parks); Build a new casting standard system to meet the needs of market and innovation; Establish and improve the talent training system and mechanism at all levels of foundry industry, and vigorously carry out vocational education in foundry industry; Establish a perfect information sharing platform for scientific and technological achievements, actively promote cooperation among industry, University and research, accelerate the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, establish a global vision, and promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field of steel casting parts in China; Build a number of large-scale and professional Chinese steel casting parts leading enterprises with independent innovation ability and international competitiveness.

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