Sand mold 3D printing and sand mold NC milling are representative technologies of Moldless sand casting

At present, the traditional casting industry has the problems of large energy consumption, low product manufacturing accuracy, large machining allowance, high scrap rate and low production efficiency. It is urgent to optimize its basic manufacturing process, focusing on energy saving, material saving (reducing the consumption of raw / auxiliary materials) and reducing the generation and emission of pollutants. As an important part of the national economy, casting products cover aerospace industry, power machinery and transportation machinery. With the increasing demand for complex and precision castings, the traditional sand casting process is difficult to meet the characteristic requirements of high dimensional accuracy and near no allowance of casting products. The use of Moldless sand casting is an effective method to realize the forming of this kind of castings.

Sand mold 3D printing and sand mold NC milling, as representative technologies of Moldless sand casting, can meet the forming requirements of various complex castings. Among them, the 3D printing of sand mold can obtain the mold with good mechanical properties and high precision through the modular printing of mold and the stacking of mold sand layers. The NC milling of sand mold can realize the milling of relatively complex cavity contour through accurate tool walking. They have more advantages for the forming of composite mold and have great energy-saving potential in casting process. Therefore, on the basis of energy conservation and emission reduction, making full use of the above mold forming methods to study the low-carbon design and optimization of Moldless mold has important practical significance. The main purposes are:

(1) The process characteristics of Dieless sand casting are analyzed, and the influencing factors of resource demand in casting process are analyzed combined with the forming characteristics of Dieless sand casting;

(2) A low-carbon model for the process of mold less sand casting is established, and the specific process scheme is evaluated with a casting example;

(3) The process parameters of compound mold for dieless sand casting are designed, and a low-carbon optimization design method of compound mold based on compound forming method is established and proposed by using particle swarm optimization algorithm.

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