Simulation study on lost foam casting process of nodular cast iron long fork

1) In terms of material thermophysical parameters: as the actual measurement of material thermophysical parameters requires huge financial resources and manpower, the thermophysical parameters used are mostly based on experience. The thermophysical model established based on these parameters has limited reduction ability for the actual thermophysical scenario, resulting in a certain deviation between the simulation results and the reality, Further research and adjustment are needed in the future work practice.

2) Design of gating and riser in lost foam casting: Although the new process can produce qualified products that meet the internal and external quality requirements, the design of gating system and riser are based on the empirical data of long-term production practice in the factory, and there is no in-depth research on theoretical calculation and design of gating system and riser.

3) Application of lost foam casting simulation: only the most basic mold filling and solidification process simulation of lost foam casting has been applied, but the application of casting deformation, mechanical properties and microstructure based on this has not been carried out, which needs to be further carried out in the future work.

4) Casting process simulation technology has been widely used in foreign casting manufacturers, but few domestic simulation software are really applied in production and reflect its great benefits. In particular, foreign finite element simulation software with comprehensive consideration of thermophysical scenarios and flexible application, such as ProCAST, has high requirements for users’ knowledge level. The largest user groups are still limited to universities, research institutes and technology centers of some large state-owned enterprises, which is still a long way from being fully popularized in various enterprises. In order to make more domestic lost foam casting enterprises understand, trust and benefit from computer simulation technology and promote the development of lost foam casting industry, more energy needs to be invested in exploration and practice, study the application of lost foam casting simulation software in all aspects of lost foam casting technology and make stable successful cases.