Solid modeling of tooling for sand casting coupling parts

The solid models of sand mold casting, sand core, sprue and riser are made in the form of part modeling. These solid models of sand mold casting parts are of regular structure, the specific drawing process is relatively simple, and the detailed process will not be described one by one. In order to facilitate the later CAE simulation, the solid structure is optimized in the process of solid model drawing, so as to improve the simulation accuracy and reduce the computer calculation time. For example; Some geometric features and draft features such as fillet and chamfer are removed. These optimizations can improve the quality of solid model and hexahedral mesh generation. Due to the existence of machining allowance, these operations do not have a substantial impact on the accuracy of simulation results on the premise of favorable meshing.

In order to improve the flexibility of gating and riser design and optimization of subsequent sand mold casting, two sets of gating and riser systems with low completion are preliminarily proposed. The solid modeling results of each part are shown in Figure 1.

After the solid models of each part are completed, the solid models of sand casting parts completed above are assembled by using the assembly module of UG NX. The assembly results are shown in Figure 2. After assembly, the assembly drawing is divided into three parts for output. The output format is STL format. The mold cavity, sprue and sand core of sand casting parts are output respectively. When the riser is output, the riser part is regarded as part of the mold cavity or gating system of sand casting parts. In tooling 1, four risers are output together with the sprue, in tooling 2, two side risers are output together with the sprue, and the other two side risers are output together with the mold cavity of sand casting parts. STL format can be directly opened in the pre-processing module anypre of casting CAE software AnyCasting, and directly arranged according to the assembled tooling.