General Casting Cast Iron

How we can make so many kinds of iron casting products with different kind of properties? Generally we add carbon into the iron. When the iron melting, we mix the carbon or other additives with the melting iron together. Then we can get different kind of casting iron with...


Cast Iron Foundry in Wide Applications

We can make many kinds of iron finished products such as beautiful pot you use for cooking, strong iron fence that no one can tear. How it works? The answer is we use cast iron foundry to make these things what we need in daily life. We can find...


The Character of Cast Iron Casting

Cast iron casting is not the pure iron. It is the MULT-elemental Fe-based alloy which the basic composition is Fe, C and Si. The chemical component is C (2.5%-4%), Si (1%-3%), P(0.4%-1.5%). So as to improve the ability of cast iron casting, people often add little Cr, Ni, C...