The Characteristics of Wax Casting

Wax casting is a kind of precision casting , is also called investment casting .

Wax casting , in simple terms,that use fusible material ( such as wax and plastic ) for fusible mold , then , coating a number of layers special refractory coating on the mold , form integral shell through hardening , next , melt the mold , pouring liquid metal in it after roasting , casting will be got .

wax castingThe alloy types that can be got by wax casting are : carbon steel , alloy steel , heat resisting alloy , stainless steel , precision alloy , permanent magnet alloy , bearing metal , copper alloy , aluminum alloy , titanium alloy and nodular iron casting , etc .

The shape of wax casting usually is more complex , the hole minimum diameter is 0.5mm , the minimum wall thickness is 0.3mm . In production , some components that is made up by other several parts can directly be produced by wax casting through changing the structure of components . processing hour and metallic material can be saved and the structure of components will be more reasonable .

The weight range of wax casting mostly is from few grams to more than ten kilograms ( general not more than 25kg ) .

The process of wax casting is more complex and difficult to control , the material needed is more expensive , so ,it is applied to produce small parts that shape complex , high precision or difficult for other processing , like the blade of turbine engine .