The requests for modern casting iron

There are three basic requests for modern casting iron. The first request is high strength. High strength is the basis for casting iron to reduce the wall thickness, reduce the quality and compete with other materials. The casting iron in the new century can not develop without the increment of casting strength.

casting iron (1)The second request is high performance. Under the minimum energy consumption and material consumption, the casting iron should exert efforts to improve the use performance of materials, such as wear resistance and abrasion resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, etc.

The third request is the requirement of modern iron with higher and comprehensive competitiveness. Market demand is the impetus of the development of production and technology. In the rapid development of economic globalization, the requirements for casting iron parts are not only good quality but also short production cycle, low production cost, and the provision of semi-finished products, finished products, or even already assembled parts, etc.

This requires that when modern iron factories plan and organize production, they must choose reasonable casting method according to the size of casting, quality requirements, batch quantity. Thus they can achieve the same quality of iron casting production with low cost and quick delivery which will improve their competitiveness of casting iron production.

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