Widely Used Cast Iron Castings

Cast Iron Castings (1)As the iron casting technology developing, cast iron castings are used in many place and industries. With high compressive strength, the cast iron castings widely used in machine manufacturing industry, the home cookware appliance manufacturing industry. Also in decorative building material industry, the cast iron castings are used widely.

Compared with steel products or the wrought iron, cast iron castings are cheaper. Beyond this, the cast iron castings have many good properties such as high hardness, high compressive strength, some type special cast iron castings even has good toughness and malleable property. Due to adding some type alloys, the cast iron are used in more and more places.

Nowadays, even in building industry we can adopt the iron casting parts. Coz the cast iron castings have a strong strength, we use cast iron castings as substitutes for masonry. So that we can build a bigger window with cast iron beams or piers. If we use masonry, we have to use heavy density to support the whole building. But with cast iron beams and parts, we can keep wider space for sight line. So the cast iron castings can be acted as a replacement of masonry or wood material in building industry.

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