Comparison of sand casting and lost foam casting from the perspective of environmental protection

From the air pollution prevention and control law issued by the State Council and the Ministry of environmental protection, we can see the national development concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”. Re establishing the emission standards of high pollution industries “forces” the transformation and upgrading of industries, so environmental remediation will inevitably increase the cost of environmental protection equipment for foundry enterprises, which will also make some enterprises seek a new way out and development, and take a green, environmental protection and high value-added foundry Road. Environmental protection is a major livelihood issue, which is related to the health and survival of future generations. The national attention to environmental issues will greatly promote the development of other environmental protection related industries. Under the stimulation of environmental protection, the development of green and environmental protection casting will be the main direction of the future development of China’s foundry industry. We should increase the research and application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment of circular economy in the foundry industry, and lead the future development of the foundry industry with “green casting”.

Therefore, the working environment must be better, the project investment should be better, the investment in environmental protection equipment should be less, the process materials belong to the circular economy, we can “shoulder this task” associated with the lost foam casting technology, so we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional sand casting and lost foam casting.

At present, the country has raised the entry threshold of the foundry industry, and enterprises are sometimes blind to new foundry projects. Many issues in the process of feasibility analysis and equipment investment are not fully considered and compared, which will lead to increased fixed costs in the investment process. It is generally believed that the investment of lost foam casting process is smaller than that of traditional casting process, but this is not the case. Because the production efficiency of lost foam casting process is lower than that of static pressure line and resin sand process, when the enterprise sets monthly production capacity, the investment in fixed assets of each process is basically flat, However, from the perspective of lost foam casting process, it has complete advantages in material environmental protection, product performance, working environment, labor intensity and even product cost. Therefore, the advantages of lost foam casting process are reflected when all kinds of process fixed assets investment are the same in the current period and the same complex castings are produced in the later period, Therefore, compared with traditional sand casting process, lost foam casting process has some advantages in talent recruitment, product cost, environmental benefits and other aspects.

Resin sand technology and static pressure technology will produce a lot of waste sand, and in the production process will produce a lot of harmful gas and dust pollution. If you want to recycle the used sand, you need to increase the investment of the used sand recycling equipment, the static pressure process must also increase the dust removal of each dust point, etc., the dust removal system is relatively large, the gas generated after pouring is difficult to collect, and the treatment is also difficult, which greatly increases the investment in environmental protection.

Lost foam vacuum casting adopts dry sand molding without binder. It has high sand recovery, low cost and little environmental pollution. It belongs to environmental friendly green casting. In the whole production process, there is no dust. Because of negative pressure or vacuum pouring, the gas produced after pouring is easy to collect, relatively simple to handle and less investment. At the same time, some auxiliary equipment such as sand mixer and binder supply are omitted, which is convenient for maintenance.

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