Preparation of foam pattern for cast steel joints

The difficulty of making the foam model is that the size of the cast steel joints is large, the width is basically 5-6 meters and the spatial structure is complex. At present, there is no such large-scale foam processing equipment in the manufacturers, so the model making is basically...


Casting Foam Used in Lost Foam Casting

Lost foam casting pattern use the casting foam instead of the wax. The casting foam made from a material we name it poly styrene. So we call it Poly Styrene Foam. Using the poly styrene, we can make many kinds of different patterns. It is easy to make the...


Advanced Foam Casting Adopted to Cast the Metal

Using the foam casting, it can be more advanced compared to other casting ways. Coz the foam casting is a pattern melting way casting so that it can use the small boiling limit value to make the process more easily compared with using the investment casting method. Because in...