Main experimental equipment of lost foam casting

(a) Direct attack spectrometer The main instrument used for chemical composition detection is the direct attack spectrometer (q4-130) in Brooke, Germany, as shown in Figure 1. The spectrometer adopts the mature Paschen Runge structure and the latest CCD. Combined with hardware technology, it has high resolution and strong ability...


ZHY Casting ensures the export quality of high-end castings

High end castings have high performance requirements and great manufacturing difficulties. The concept and requirements of quality first in the production enterprises should be implemented throughout the production. Some domestic enterprises often rush to the high-end castings with high price, first win the order with low price, and then...


The type of casting equipment

1. All kinds of smelting furnace, automatic pouring machine, molding line, core making center, sand mixer, sand processing equipment, sand recycling equipment, shot blasting equipment, die casting machine, low-pressure casting machine, precision casting equipment, solid casting equipment, all kinds of robots, rapid prototyping equipment, non-destructive testing equipment, cleaning and...